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September 15, 2022

Award Winning Immune Science: Meet Adaptive’s Latest Award Recipients

Adaptive Corporate Affairs & Communications

It is awards season here at Adaptive and we are continuously dedicated to promoting the work and accomplishments of scientists pursuing exciting research projects in immunology and other related fields with potential implications towards advancements in immunology. We believe more perspectives and diversity not only helps us as a company, but also helps advance the field of immune medicine overall, with the potential to improve millions of lives along the way. 

As a part of our commitment to grow the immunosequencing field, our quarterly Young Investigator Award (YIA) recognizes one or more talented post-doctoral fellows and pre-doctoral students pursuing research in immunology. Winners receive a grant of up to $10,000 towards the purchase of Adaptive’s immunosequencing services to assist in their research. 

Separately, our annual Women in Immune Science (WISE) Award supports women, and those who identify as women, in science pursuing innovative research in immunology or related scientific fields. WISE Award winners receive a grant of $15,000 towards the purchase of Adaptive’s immunosequencing services to assist in their research. 

We are pleased to share our most recent award winners. We spoke with each of our recent award recipients about the importance of their unique research projects, how they intend to use Adaptive’s immunosequencing platform to enhance their research, the impact they see their research having on the immunology field at large, and what they hope to achieve over the course of their careers.

2022 Women in Immune Science Award Recipients


Girija Goyal, PhD

Harvard University, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

Project Title: Can the human lymph node organ chip (LN chip) predict clinical responses?

Girija is currently researching the use of human lymph node organ chips (LN chips) to replicate and study the human immune system’s response to infection and vaccination.


Katie Lowe, PhD

Flinders University, College of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Rheumatology

Project Title: Characterisation of TCR diversity in lymphoid infiltrated synovial tissue (LIST) patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Katie’s research aims to characterize the TCR diversity in lymphoid infiltrated synovial tissue (LIST) patients with rheumatoid arthritis, to provide an improved understanding of disease progression and treatment response.

Q2 2022 Young Investigator Award Recipient


Claire Guinier, MD, MSc

Massachusetts General Hospital, Cellular and Molecular Immunology Laboratory, Center for Transplantation Sciences (CTS)

Project Title: Identification of T cells inducing chronic rejection after cardiac transplantation

Claire’s research focuses on the role of T cells in cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV), the leading cause of mortality following heart transplantation.

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